An overview of the interests in economics business finance and banking

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An overview of the interests in economics business finance and banking

The financial issues confronting entrepreneurial firms are drastically different from those faced by established companies. The focus on this course will be on analyzing the unique financial issues faced by high growth entrepreneurial firms think: The goal is to understand how entrepreneurs can raise funds and how venture capital partnerships and growth equity funds choose, value, structure, fund, and manage their investments.

The course covers all stages of the financing process, from startup to harvest. Several cases concern technology-based businesses, though the emphasis is on gaining insights into entrepreneurial finance, not technology per se. The course will go into great details with respect to structuring multi-staged financings and valuing entrepreneurial ventures.

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In addition, the course provides insights on how venture capital partnership work, why do they take the forms they do, and where the crucial problems and opportunities for innovation exists.

Consideration is given to the incentives faced by venture capital partnerships and the investors in those partnerships, and how to properly make financing decisions and negotiate contractual terms.

The course is aimed primarily at people who may be involved in an entrepreneurial venture at some point in their careers whether in a large organization, a turnaround, a management buyout or a startup. The course is also useful for venture capital careers.Course Overview.

Our specialised Finance degree prepares you for the challenging and exciting world of professional finance.

An overview of the interests in economics business finance and banking

After gaining a solid grounding in finance theory and methodology, you’ll develop proficiency in areas such as International Financial Markets, Bond Markets and Financial Statement Analysis. Earn a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics degree from GCU to find your purpose in the banking, finance, economics and investment industries.

HM Treasury is the government’s economic and finance ministry, maintaining control over public spending, setting the direction of the UK’s economic policy and working to achieve strong and.

(or international equivalent) in accounting, business, management, finance, economics, or econometrics.

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Outstanding degrees in any discipline will be considered. Directory of finance litigation consultants offering services to attorneys preparing a case.

An overview of the interests in economics business finance and banking

This includes interviewing witnesses, document review and valuations. Overview. This programme is ideal for anyone wanting to start or progress their career in the finance function of an organisation and then move into general management later.

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