Data communications essay

Traditionally, computer hardware such as printers and mice were plugged into sockets on the back panel of a PC, with each connector being fairly specialised in its applications. For example, mice use one that is dedicated to transmitting serial data, while printers usually use a parallel data cable, and monitors have their own special plug.

Data communications essay

DictionaryThesaurusAcronyms. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program so that it can repeat its operations and make logical Click the link for more information.

In popular usage, it is said that data communications make it possible for one computer to "talk" with another. Telephone circuits are often used to transfer data, although their relatively limited bandwidth makes them relatively slow paths for data.

Recent techniques, however, have made it possible to send data over phone lines at rates of 28, bits per second and higher. Where cost can be justified, high speed data links are constructed; these are often fiber-optic or coaxial cables designed for wide frequency range, or microwave, radio links.

Local-area and wide-area networks link computers together so that they can transfer and share data. Because many computers can be on the network at any given time, techniques such as time-division multiplexing are used; each computer is assigned a short time slot during which it can use the full bandwidth of the network.

Packet switching allows a single channel to be used for multiple concurrent transmissions. Data packets contain addresses that indicate the intended destination.

To minimize data-communication errors, special codes code, in communications, set of symbols and rules for their manipulation by which the symbols can be made to carry information. By this extended definition all written and spoken languages are codes.

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Also known as data transmission. Data communications The conveyance of information from a source to a destination. Data means the symbolic representation of information, generally in a digital that is, discrete form. Analog information refers to information encoded according to a continuous physical parameter, such as the height or amplitude of a waveform, while digital information is encoded into a discrete set of some parameter.

Usually, this digital information is composed of a sequence of binary digits ones and zeroscalled bits. The binary system is used because its simplicity is universally recognizable and because digital data have greater immunity to so-called noise than analog information and allow flexible processing of the information.

Groups of eight bits create a data byte or character. These characters make up the so-called alphabets including alphabetic, numeric, and special symbols which are used in data communications. The most common data sources and destinations are computers and computer peripherals, and the data represent groups of characters to form text, hypertext text organized according to topic rather than linear sequenceor multimedia information, including audio, graphics, animation, and video information.

See BitComputerComputer graphicsComputer peripheral devicesDigital computerMultimedia technology Data communications may be accomplished through two principal functions, data transmission and data switching. Data transmission always involves at least three elements: In addition, sometimes the data are encoded.

The codes can be used for error detection and correction, compression of the digital data, and so forth. See Data compression The communications channel is carried over a transmission medium.

Such media can be wired, as in the cases of twisted-pair telephone wires, coaxial cables, or fiber-optic cables, or they can be wireless, where the transmission is not confined to any physical medium, such as in radio, satellite, or infrared optical transmission.

Sometimes, even when the source of the information is digital, the transmission medium requires analog signaling, and modems modulators-demodulators are required to convert the digital signals to analog, and vice versa.

Data communications essay

For example, data communication between personal computers transmitted over telephone lines normally uses modems. See Coaxial cableCommunications cableModemOptical communicationsRadioTelephone service The directionality of the information can be either one-way simplex communications or two-way.

Two-way communications can be either half-duplex information goes both ways over the communications link, but not at the same time or full-duplex information goes both ways at the same time.

The data channel can be a serial channel, in which the bits are transmitted one after another across a single physical connection; or a parallel channel, in which many bits are transmitted simultaneously for instance, over parallel wires.

Generally, parallel channels are used for short-distance links less than ft or mwhereas serial links are used for larger distances and high data rates.

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At low data rates less than a few hundred kilobits per second communications channels are typically dedicated, whereas at higher data rates, because of the cost of high-speed transmitters and receivers, shared channels are used by multiplexing the data streams.As a branch campus of Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University-McCurtain County Campus has a commitment to student success.

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When electronic devices transfer information to another electronic device, the devices need to know when data flow is beginning and ending. This is done with signals for synchronization.i This report will describe the two forms of data communications in terms of the physical interfaces and modes of.

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The idea is to get a clear description of how you see yourself. data communications, application of telecommunications technology to the problem of transmitting data, especially to, from, or between computers computer, device capable of .

Free Essay: Determining Databases and Data Communications In the two scenarios there are many ways that they can be solved or worked out to make them fit to.

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