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Mid concept

Backswing Click on any of the hyperlinks to rapidly navigate to another section of the review: Homepage index ; overview ; grip ; address setup ; downswing ; impact ; followthrough-to-finish Introduction: My golf instructional opinions were primarily derived from the teaching of traditional golf instructors such as David Leadbetter, Jim McLean, and the "Swing Like A Pro" authors.

I have expressed my "new" insights in many new review papers, but I was reluctant to make major revisions to my basic chapters, because the required work-effort is so labor-intensive. I occasionally added short addendums to my original backswing chapter, which alerted readers to the fact that I have changed my recommended approach, but that advice forced readers to read a number of different review papers to learn about my "new" insights regarding the backswing action.

Another section of my original backswing chapter dealt with backswing factors that could increase swing power - based on Jim McLean's X-factor theory.

I presently do not believe in the validity of the X-factor theory, and I will describe a totally different conceptual approach to thinking about the backswing action.

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What is the purpose of the backswing action? From a conceptual perspective, a golfer first needs to understand what's the primary purpose of the backswing action.

I believe that the primary purpose of the backswing is to load the power accumulators, which are going to be used to power the swing during the downswing when the loaded power accumulators are fully released in order to power the golf swing.

The concept of "power accumulators" was first described by Homer Kelley in his book [1], and I have described the power accumulator concept in great detail in my How to Power the Golf Swing review paper.

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The following photograph demonstrates two golfers with their power accumulators fully loaded at their end-backswing position. Tiger Woods and Adam Scott at the end-backswing position - capture images from a swing video Note that the left arm is loaded across the upper chest wall, and that represents the loading of power accumulator 4.

Note that the clubshaft is at a 90 degree angle to the left arm and that represents the loading of power accumulator 2. The release of power accumulators 4 and 2 provide most of the swing power in a left arm swinger's action, which is the swing style used by the majority of traditional golfers.

The combination of the left arm and the clubshaft which is in a straight-line-planar relationship with the left arm is called the left arm flying wedge colored in yellow. The combination of the bent-back dorsiflexed right wrist and the right forearm is called the right forearm flying wedge colored in red.

Note that the right forearm flying wedge supports the left arm flying wedge - like the wing strut of a small Cessna airplane supporting the wing.

The green colored area is the right upper arm and it connects the right forearm flying wedge to the torso at the right shoulder socket joint. I will describe the alternative methods of performing a backswing pivot action in a separate section of this chapter.

Assembling the power package assembly during the backswing: In this section, I will describe two alternative methods of executing a backswing action that will allow the power package assembly to be correctly assembled by the end of the backswing.

The two methods are the one-piece takeway and the right forearm takeaway. I personally much prefer the right forearm takeaway, because it more easily allows a golfer to keep the clubshaft "on-plane" during the backswing and it also allows the left arm flying wedge to remain intact during the backswing action.

I will describe the right forearm takeaway after I have described the one-piece takeaway. The major body movements that occur during the takeaway is the rotation and lifting of the arms while the shoulders start to rotate around the spinal axis.

There is very little wrist movement during the takeaway, and only a very small amount of body shift. This is a photo of Aaron Baddeley's end-takeaway position.

You can see that the clubshaft is no longer in line with the left arm, which means the left wrist must have cocked up and the right wrist hinged back to a very small degree see the glossary of wrists movements to understand the difference between the terms "cocking" and "hinging".

Aaron Baddeley takeaway - from reference number [2] It is stunning to realise how many errors can occur during the takeaway. For example, a beginner golfer may move his arms too far from the body, or keep them too close to the body.

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Or, the beginner golfer may move his arms along a too-inside path or a too-outside path. Or the beginner golfer may lift the arms while tilting, rather than rotating, the shoulders.

A beginner golfer may also excessively rotate his left hand clockwise and thereby move the clubshaft too far inside during the takeaway, instead of keeping the hands in a neutral position during the takeaway. All these problems, in various combinations, can ruin the backswing, because if a beginner golfer gets into the incorrect position at the end of the takeaway, then it is extremely difficult to recover from that incorrect position during the rest of the backswing.

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Backswing. Click on any of the hyperlinks to rapidly navigate to another section of the review: Homepage (index); overview; grip; address setup; downswing; impact; followthrough-to-finish Introduction: I have decided to completely rewrite/revise this chapter on the "backswing" to better reflect my latest golf instructional insights.

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