Pantheon versus parthenon

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Pantheon versus parthenon

It will compare and contrast both the temples as well Introduction Over the years civilization use architecture to show artistic abilities that signifies power ingenuity, functionality. Even though the Roman Pantheon versus parthenon Greek empire are from different time they have influence the architecture around the world till date.

It was constructed during the golden era of the empire which unencumbered by the depredations of the Peloponnesian War. The Parthenon in Athens symbolizes power and influence of Perikles, an Athenian politician who lobbied its construction.

The Parthenon is a tribute to heaven for the defeat of the Mede Bury as the Persians had destroyed the Athenian acropolis in Some historians believe the construction signifies that Athens is the imperial master over other Greek states. The Parthenon is built as a temple for the Greek goddess Athena considered as the virgin patron of the people of Athens.

In addition, it serves as a replacement for two earlier temples of Athena on the Acropolis. The Parthenon in Athens is Doric peripteral temple with some with some Ionic elements. It has an octostyle colonnade measuring 8 by 17 as well as a series of Doric columns surrounding the periplhy of the whole structure with low steps on every side.

The columns are thickest at the point one third from the base and then taper to the top. The fluted columns also tilt slightly upward toward one another, and mathematicians have calculated that they would all meet if extended upward for two miles.

Temple has no base as its shafts were their vertical shafts were fluted with 20 parallel concave grooves; and they were topped by a smooth capital that flared from the column to meet a square abacus at the intersection with the horizontal beam architrave that they carried The Doric column is shortthick with a simpler design.

The Doric order has a specific structure at the upper levels. It can be characterized by the series of triglyphs and metopes on the entablature.

Each metope was occupied by a panel of relief sculpture. The column is shown below in the picture. The place was destroyed and rebuilt twice.

There are many statue of many gods, including Mars and Venus. According to Cassius Dio in the History of Rome The Pantheon contains the tombs of Rafael and of several Italian Kings.

During the Renaissance period it is used as a tomb for famous painters Raphael Sanzio da Urbino and Annibale Carracci, the composer Arcangelo Corelli, and the architect Baldassare Peruzzi. Later on the Patheon of Rome was converted into a church dedicated to St.

Mary and the Martyrs. The design of the extant building might belong to Trajan's architect Apollodorus of Damascus. It is the first temple that combines concrete construction with Greek classical orders.

The dome shown below is the world's largest dome made of unreinforced solid concrete. The Pantheon is a dome, the first of its kind, and had been constructed by forming arches around a central axis. The Pantheon portico is a symmetrical, classical design with three rows of Corinthian columns topped by a triangular pediment.

A row of niches lines the rear walls of the Pantheon portico. These niches may have held sculptures of Roman emperors or gods. The top columns has either fancy flowers or images.

The Parthenon as a temple to Athena and the Pantheon to all of the gods. They had been reused for many purposes. There are several features that were common in Greek architecture are visible in the engineering of the Roman Pantheon.

These temples are legacies are tribute ancient world. Both are well-preserved architectural and the greatness These temple remains standing due to the ingenuity of the architectural construction. The differences of the Parthenon in Athens and the Pantheon in Rome The two temples are constructed in a different time frame.Pantheon vs.

Parthenon The Pantheon and the Parthenon have been studied for thousands of years as two of the most influential and advanced designs of their time. Coming from different cultures and eras, both structures are as similar as they are different. The Pantheon is a circular building with a portico supported granite Corinthian columns.

Its Roman concrete dome is metric tons. It is made from several materials, including marble, granite, concrete and brick. The Parthenon is a Doric temple supported by ionic columns.

It has a rectangular.

Pantheon versus parthenon

Pantheon Versus Parthenon Essay The Pantheon is early architecture from Rome, Italy commissioned by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all of the gods of Ancient Rome. The building is made from concrete and granite, though it was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in AD.

The Beauty of the Pantheon and the Parthenon If I showed you pictures of the Parthenon and Pantheon, would you get them confused? Well, I sure did at first, but then realized a lot of people do because they look almost alike. Nov 20,  · The Parthenon and the Pantheon are two different buildings.

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The Parthenon is a rectangular building, built by the ancient Greeks. It is located Athens, Greece. The Pantheon is a . Second, the Pantheon borrows much of its exterior design from traditional Greek temples such as the Parthenon.

Third, both were used 8 columns to support a pediment. Final, both have faced some destruction and rebuilding, and both were used as churches during the middle ages.

Pantheon Vs Parthenon - Essay