The modern version of tragedy in all my sons a play by arthur miller

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Their plots were generally tragic, but the themes introduced such as the tragic hero brought up deep ideas that could be discussed and thought about extensively. One problem with modern literature is that very few tragedies have been written.

One of the few authors that did write tragedies was Arthur Miller.

The modern version of tragedy in all my sons a play by arthur miller

One such tragedy was All My Sons, which was about the lies and immorality of a man and the resulting actions and consequences. The themes presented-dishonesty and immorality-intensify the tragic mood of the play.

These themes are developed due to the actions of one man, Joe Keller, who could be a considered a tragic man. These negative themes that are brought up by the actions of Joe Keller, the tragic man, prove why this play is a modern tragedy.


The themes in All My Sons are mainly derived from the concept of morals, the laws that man follows through our conscience. One of the themes that branches out from this is morality, the principles about human life. This theme is evident when related to the Keller family, where a conflict between morality and the loss of it takes place.

Joe Keller, the father of the Keller family, was responsible for sending out faulty cylinder heads during World War 2, which resulted in the deaths of 21 fighter pilots. His wife, Kate Keller, supported him because if he was responsible for those deaths then he could have been responsible for his sons death, LarryPublished: Wed, 07 Jun All My Sons is an American play, set in a typical, suburban town in the backyard of a family home.

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The Keller’s are a family who live a life of tension and un-realistic aspirations after losing a son at war. An excellent essay that is extremely pertinent to this question is Arthur Miller's "Tragedy and the Common Man," in which Miller discusses the traditional classical understanding of tragedy as.

A revised version of Arthur Miller's play written at the the Arsonist, and the Troubled Agent: Tragedy and Melodrama on the Modern Stage. Seattle: Univ.

The modern version of tragedy in all my sons a play by arthur miller

of Washington Press, , “Problems of Identity, as Experienced by the Producer, in Three Plays by Arthur Miller” (On All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, and A View from the. The definition of tragedy and the components that make a tragic hero was created in Ancient Greece by a philosopher named Aristotle.

Aristotle wrote that the tragic hero must be the main character or the protagonist who is neither good or bad, but has predominantly good qualities.

Simon McBurney's breathtakingly acted version of Arthur Miller's tragic play is a must-see event.

All My Sons by Steven R. Centola, in The Cambridge Companion to Arthur Miller Note that all of the minor characters have a function in the play that relates to its themes and the progress of the plot.

appropriate evaluation of this play. All My Sonsis Miller’s first Broadway hit and it’s the precursor of his the Old Testament allows the play to disguise itself as a modern version of a morality play on “brotherhood.” how much he was conscious of this Greek tragedy in creating All My Sons.

Arthur Miller, Timebends: A Life (New.

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