War on japan essay

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War on japan essay

The Ashikaga Shogunate, or military government, had been founded in —37, by the astute Ashikaga Takauji. Takauji had been sent by the Hojo shoguns to put down the rebellion of the emperor Go-Daigo.

Go-Daigo was determined to throw off the rule of the military shoguns that had existed since the first true shogun, Minamoto Yoritimo, in He accompanied Go-Daigo into the imperial capital of Kyoto.

However, it was clear that he had War on japan essay used Go-Daigo as a Trojan horse for his own ambitions and inGo-Daigo was forced to flee the capital as Ashikaga Takauji became War on japan essay in his own right. Although at first perceived as another military rule, the Ashikaga shoguns considered themselves true aristocrats of the Northern Court in Kyoto.

Rather than the countrified shoguns at Kamakura, the Ashikagas considered themselves to be patrons of the arts. The Ashikaga shoguns were such patrons of the arts that the style of the period derives its name from the Muromachi District in Kyoto where they established their mansion.

They also patronized the o-chanoyu, the ceremony performed with Japanese green tea, which became a centerpiece in the life of any cultivated daimyo, or noble, family of the era. With each generation the Ashikagas became more imperial courtiers and less military shoguns.

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The now courtly Ashikaga shoguns began to face challenges from another generation of countrified daimyo in the more remote provinces. Increasingly the shogunate was unable to control these militaristic daimyo, and their failure to do so brought their demise. The climax came during the reign of the eighth Ashikaga shogun Yoshimasa, who began his rule in For all of his architectural and cultural accomplishments, Yoshimasa did little to strengthen the military of the shogunate.

The Onin War itself began as a struggle over who would lead two Echizen province daimyo families, the Hatekeyama and the Shiba clans. The Hatekeyama called on the mightier Yamana and Hosokawa clans.

The conflict ultimately drew in Yamana Sozen and Hosokawa Katsumoto, two far more powerful warrior daimyo.

Abdication Faced with what would prove to be a very bloody provincial struggle and unwilling to enter it, Ashikaga Yoshimasa announced in his intention to abdicate as shogun.

Before he resigned he had to choose a successor in the Ashikaga Shogunate. In one of the great ironies of Japanese history, his choice deprived him of the very life of peace he sought.

He chose his brother, but his wife, Tomi-ko, wanted the next shogun to be their son. The Onin War, unlike other struggles, was to be fought out in the streets of the imperial capital of Kyoto. The main theater would be the stylish Muromachi District, which, since it served as the headquarters for Ashikaga rule, was where the families of the powerful daimyo had built their mansions to house them when business brought them to Kyoto.

By the Yamana and Hosokawa factions were waiting for the hostilities that both sides realized would soon begin. To his credit Yoshimasa remained shogun and tried to avert the breakout of war. He declared that whoever began the fighting would be branded a rebel, which meant execution and confiscation of all property.

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In April fighting began when the first decisive move was struck by the Red Monk. To show his contempt for the emperor, he captured the imperial palace in Kyoto in one of his first attacks.

War on japan essay

In Yamana was so desperate that he attempted to revive the old Southern Court, but he could find no claimants to the throne, since the Ashikagas had influenced the members of the Southern Court to return to Kyoto in after the emperor abdicated.

Meanwhile the Hosokawas and the Yamanas attempted to gain strength from the countryside. Both sides received help from their retainers outside the capital, but none were able to gain military superiority in the battles that now raged in the capital city of Kyoto.

As a result a bloody stalemate settled down in Kyoto, as the entire city was slowly devastated by the continual fighting. The warring in Kyoto acquired a lethal momentum of its own. Even the deaths of both Yamana Sozen and Hosokawa Katsumoto in did not slow the bloodshed. Fighting spread to the provinces, where peasants staged ikko uprisings and provincial daimyo fought over land claims, knowing that the Ashikaga Shogunate was powerless to intervene in the growing anarchy.

The shogunate was still embroiled in the very succession crisis that had precipitated the Onin War. Yoshimasa finally gave in to his wife, Tomi-ko, inand appointed his son Yoshihisa to be his successor.

Ten years later, Yoshimasa finally achieved his dream of leaving the shogunate.Onin War In Japan Essay The Onin War came about directly as a result of the declining power of the Ashikaga Shogunate.

The Ashikaga Shogunate, or military government, had been founded in –37, by the astute Ashikaga Takauji. Essay on The Attack On Pearl Harbor - For more than four years after the events of Pearl Harbor, Americans sacrificed their lives in the war against the country of Japan.

Essay The Rise Of Japan After World War II The Rise of Japan Before World War II Before and during World War II, Japan had a slogan that said, “to die for the .

Japan and World War II Research Papers Japan and World War II research papers include essays on Japan's entry into WWII and battles with the United States. Japan was greatly affected by World War II and their failed effort to increase their spear of influence.

World War II And Japan Words | 6 Pages. World War II and Japan The Greater Japanese Empire was one of the fastest growing and most dominant world powers of the late ’s and early ’s.

After being created as a result of the Meiji Restoration of , the Empire of Japan grew quite well and prospered until it was dissolved in Essay on World War 2 Japan - World War II Japan committed what some would consider suicide, when their aircraft bombed Pearl Harbor.1 Pearl Harbor was the most important day of World War II.

War on japan essay

This was the first strike towards the US. making them enter the war. Even though the US. had been involved a little before this.

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